Return Policy
A Worry Free Purchase at Your Fingertips!

As you may have noticed, we believe in transparency with our customers. Everything is explained upfront and outlined so their aren't any questions as to how things should, or shouldn't be done for not only the merchant (us), but the customer (you) as well! We believe policies & procedures are needed to protect the consumer and the business. The policies ensure that everyone is treated fairly in transactions and after the fact. We clearly outline these polices and procedures to make certain that the way we conduct business is transparent to our customers from the get go. We believe in doing good business. The following policies should help you to understand how we go about certain issues and procedures we have for doing so.

Return Policy - Satisfaction Guarantee
If you aren't used to purchasing items online, it's normal to feel uneasy and sometimes downright scared! We understand, and have done our best to alleviate this concern by offering a No Risk Purchase. Here is how it works:
  • At time of arrival, with Delivery Agents present, you may refuse item for any reason. Your funds will be refunded by customer service and/or your financing agreement will be cancelled or suspended at your request.
  • If you have chosen Doorstep Delivery or In-Home Delivery, these options do not require Delivery Agents to unbox items for you. You must carefully unbox and check items for your satisfaction PRIOR to Delivery Agent leaving your premises. I'm sure if you ask nicely they will be more than happy to help you with this! Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to check and confirm your satisfaction prior to the Delivery Agents leaving. If you have chosen In-Home Delivery & Assembly, our Delivery Agents will unbox items for your review. Keep in mind, once you or your authorized delivery recipient has signed the Delivery and Confirmation Receipt, it will be implied that you have inspected items and that you are 100% Satisfied with your purchase. Please note, Mattresses may not have protective packaging removed to be accepted as a return.
  • It is the customers responsibility to properly measure the area that the furniture is being delivered to. If the furniture will not fit safely into the area you have requested, the delivery agents will leave the furniture in a safe place of your choosing. We will not accept returns/refusals based on improperly measuring the area.
  • All items that are desired to be returned MUST include all original packaging and CANNOT be previously assembled.
  • If your item(s) arrive damaged, the damaged piece and/or complete item, will be replaced. This decision will be up to request of in particular manufacturer of item and customer service. If the item is not in stock at the manufacturer, we will provide you with estimated date replacement item will be available.
  • Once your delivery is scheduled/confirmed cancellation of the order may result is restocking fee's up to but not exceeding 20%