Warranty Information
All the info you need to begin your warranty claim is here!


As you may have noticed, we believe in transparency with our customers. Everything is explained upfront and outlined so their aren't any questions as to how things should, or shouldn't be done for not only the merchant (us), but the customer (you) as well! We believe policies & procedures are needed to protect the consumer and the business. The policies ensure that everyone is treated fairly in transactions and after the fact. We clearly outline these polices and procedures to make certain that the way we conduct business is transparent to our customers from the get go. We believe in doing good business. The following policies should help you to understand how we go about certain issues and procedures we have for doing so.  Now, onto the information you were seeking!

Warranty Info & Process
Finally Home Furnishings stands behind our customers and the products that we offer within our store! As great as we know our manufacturers are, sometimes, we understand there may be an issue with the workmanship of an item. We know this can be frustrating and we would like to stand by you through the process of navigating Manufacturer Limited Warranties and Distributor/Supplier warranty return policies. So where do we start? First, let's talk a little bit about what a Warranty actually is and how it can help you.

What is a Warranty?
The manufacturers guarantee their products are free from defects (manufacturing and workmanship). They will, in essence, provide an insurance policy against these issues for a specified limited amount of time. The manufacturers reserve the right to limit their time on specific items as they see fit.

What is defect?
For the purpose of the warranty, a defect is defined as causing the product to be structurally or mechanically unsound, or substantially altering the appearance of the item.

What is NOT a Defect? Here are some examples:
  • Colors may vary from photos due to photography lighting and printing preferences.
  • Foam contained in items will soften slightly.
  • Sizes are stated in U.S Standard Measurements, however, actual sizes are manufactured using metric system - because of this, actual sizes may very ever so slightly
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Softening and flattening of foam products occurring from normal use
  • Natural marking on leather (scars, brands, grain variations, wrinkles, etcetera)

What will void warranty?
  • Items are intended for home use only and are not warrantied against office, commercial, or industrial use.
  • Improper maintenance or use resulting in damages
  • Any modifications to items
  • Floor samples or those designated "As-Is" at time of purchase will not be covered
  • Buyer's Remorse is not covered under warranty
  • Normal wear and tear will not be covered as a warranty issue
  • Damaged incurred during transportation - this does not include delivery of items by our delivery agents as all items will be checked for damage by the purchaser prior to items being released as in excellent/new condition
  • Damages incurred during assembly. We cannot be responsible for any type of damage, scratches, dings, stripped screws, etcetera if you choose to assemble items on your own.
  • Damages incurred by abuse or accidents
  • Items used improperly and/or without recommended additions (i.e.: mattress that has a manufacturer limited warranty but was not used with the recommended foundation/box spring)
  • Damages incurred due to improper cleaning or chemical after-treatments

If after reading the above, you believe that your furniture is eligible for a warranty claim, please read on for additional information on the claims process.

Claims Process
Each manufacturer/supplier offers different return policies on their warrantied items. Finally Home Furnishings does not offer a blanket warranty, which means we must follow the individual supplier/distributor specifications when dealing with manufacturer defects. In the even that you feel there is a manufactures defect, please complete the following steps:
  1. Numerous images will need to be taken from different angles. Be sure to include an image of the item as a whole, as well as different angles, and distances of the defect.
  2. Clearly state what the defect is
  3. Provide your full name, address, phone number, and invoice number if you have it.
It is very important that you contact us immediately upon discovering said defect. Warranties can vary from days to years depending on the product, the supplier, and the manufacturer. The best bet on a favorable outcome is when an issue is discovered as closely to the date of purchase as possible. Not all items are covered by warranty. Please understand that submission of the above information does not guarantee or imply specific product will be covered by the warranty.

What happens once we receive the above information?
We will review the supplier/manufacturer specific policies to ensure product is within their warranty guidelines. Once eligibility is confirmed, we will contact the distributor and submit a warranty claim on your behalf. The supplier will review your information and your photos and make a preliminary decision on your claim. This means that the item may be eligible for a valid warranty claim. It is the customers responsibility to bring/ship items to the warehouse. The items will be inspected and sent to distributor for their final decision. The distributor reserves the right to resolve the issue by repair, or by replacing the item, a part of the item, or with a
duplicate like item at their discretion.

If warranty claim is accepted, once the process is complete, the customer will be notified and will schedule pick up date and time through customer service.