Delivery & Shipping Information
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Delivery will be scheduled for 7 days or less for in stock items - Need it sooner or wondering if it's in stock?  Just reach out to us, through email, phone call, or chat.  

  • What is your delivery area? Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex in the following counties:
    • Collin, Dallas, Denton, Ellis, Hood, Hunt, Johnson, Kaufman, Parker, Rockwall, Somervell, Tarrant, & Wise - IMPORTANT - Please note - Some remote areas of the metroplex may not be eligible for Free Delivery Option and/or may have order quantity/cost requirements.  Please contact customer service if you reside in an outlying/remote sections of Wise, Denton, Collin, Rockwall, Kaufman, Ellis, Johnson, and Parker to find out if your order is eligible for free delivery.
  • My home isn't located in your delivery area, can I still order furniture from you?
    • Well, this depends! Because of our great prices we get this question a lot. We've had people drive from 3 states over to purchase from us! We have a warehouse in Fort Worth which your items can personally be picked up from, if you choose. will-call pick up will require a time to be scheduled with our customer service department.
  • I don't live in Texas, can you just ship the items to me?
    • In short, no. Currently, we have not found a cost effective way to provide shipping to our out of state customers. Many times the cost of shipping will negate the savings as it can cost hundreds to ship these large items. If you simply must have one of our items, you may choose a shipper of your choice, and, at your cost, we will ship the item to you.
  • When will I receive my items?
    • We strive to get you your items in 7 days or less. On average our customers receive delivery within 3 days of ordering; however, some customers have received items as quickly as the same day (although this is unusual). We will first check to ensure your items are in stock, and contact you via email with delivery information. Please note: Because we offer furniture from such a wide array of distributors, some items will need to be special ordered. Many of these items may take 10 days or more to arrive in our warehouse. If you are concerned with product availability, as alway, please contact customer service and we can provide information on stock availability.
  • What if I can't be home for my delivery?
    • We encourage all customers to be present for their delivery. This will ensure that you can check over the items you've purchased to make certain you love them and they are exactly what you've expected. You should note, however, the the number 1 customer comment we get is that the items are so much better in person!
    • If you are not personally home for your delivery, you must arrange for this with customer service first. Additionally, you will be assigning all rights to signing off on your delivery to the person receiving the items as they will be acting as designated receiver at that point in time.
    • Some orders will require only the person receiving the order to be available for receipt. You may inquire with customer service if your order requires this.
  • I work, how am I supposed to be home for delivery?
    • Well, honestly, for our low prices, folks seem to figure it out! Although we attempt to meet our customers scheduling needs, sometimes, due to location of your home, scheduling requirements, and other unforeseen circumstances, we simply cannot meet the demands required. At that point in time, we will cancel your order and amicably part ways...It's not you, it's us! Make you feel better? In all seriousness, almost all delivery scheduling needs can be met. This may require flexibility on both parties sides, but we seem to figure it out. If you have nonnegotiable scheduling conflicts, please input those times/dates in the notes and we will see if we can get around them for you! Remember, will-call pick up is always an option, and we are happy to schedule this around your time constraints.
  • Why can't I choose my own time and date for delivery?
    • There are several reasons why we can't just allow customers to choose their own date and times of delivery. Texas is huge! The Metroplex is big, real BIG! Due to our low prices, we must be extremely efficient in how we schedule our deliveries to cut down on the expense of labor, gas, tolls, etcetera. In order for us to continue offering the low prices, we need to be cautious how we schedule the deliveries. For example, we wouldn't want to do a delivery in Southwest Fort Worth, then to Plano, then to Fort Worth again. This type of delivery route would most definitely drive our prices up.
  • Who do you ship your items through?
    • Our knowledgable delivery agents will personally deliver our items to your home per your scheduled date and time slot.
  • What is the cost of delivery?
    • We offer several delivery options to fit your specific budget and needs. See options below:
      • In-Home Delivery
        • Cost: $0.
        • In-Home Delivery means the items will be unloaded and brought into the rooms of your choice. Items will not be unboxed or assembled with this choice. The customer is responsible for unboxing and checking items for any damage, to make certain they are 100% satisfied with the product they are receiving.
      • In-Home Delivery & Assembly
        • Cost: $99
        • In-Home Delivery & Assembly means items not only be delivered to desired rooms, but will also be unboxed, and assembled by our knowledgeable delivery agents. Our delivery agents will also remove all trash and boxes from the assembly and leave your room set up and ready to go! Please note there are certain items we do not assemble. You can review that list here
  • When and how will someone contact me to schedule delivery?
    • We will contact you through email to schedule your delivery. You will be given a delivery date and time on this email. You MUST reply to email to confirm your delivery. If you have issues with the delivery time/date, please contact customer service. We will work with you on the issue and attempt to resolve the problem with delivery date and time.