Assembly Information
Don't Stress, We've Got Your Assembly Needs Covered!

Assembling furniture stinks

Luckily our Delivery Agents Will Have Your Assembly Smelling Like Roses

We won't sugar coat it for you, assembling furniture is the worst! From the cryptic directions to the extra parts (oh wait, there shouldn't be extra parts), assembling furniture can be a nightmare! Leave it to our pros to get it done for you! They are skilled in hours and hours of assembling furniture. They take care not to damage your items while assembling, will get it done in half the time, and will get it done right the first time. Rather than offer a one-size-fits-all approach, we wanted to make it as fair as possible to all customers. We've began offering a la carte pricing on our need-to-assemble furniture items. This way, you aren't paying for items you don't need or want assembled. Get it done your way on your budget the right way, by our skilled Delivery Agents. Selecting furniture is simple, when you are in your item, just select the option to have that item assembled and it will add the cost for you! Did you forget? No problem. You can scan the information below and add the needed assembly much like you added items to your cart for purchase.

Assembly Pricing Menu

3 Piece Dining - $69

Includes two chairs and a table.

5 Piece Dining - $99

Includes four chairs or 2 chairs and dining bench plus table.

7 Piece Dining - $160

Includes six chairs or 4 chairs and dining bench plus table

9 Piece Dining & Up - $199

Includes 8 chairs or 6 chairs and dining bench plus table.

Bed - $69

Includes assembly of any size bed for the following configurations: Headboard/Frame, Platform, Standard, Storage

Bunk Beds - $169

Includes all Bunk Beds in any configurations: Any Size Over Size, Loft Bed, Workstation Bed, Etc

Sofa & Loveseat - $89

This includes all sofa and loveseat configurations including reclining and power options

Sectional Sofa - $59

This includes all sectional configurations inlacing modular, power and reclining!

Desk - $199

This includes all desk configurations including those with hutches and cabinets and drawers!

Bookshelves & Shelving Units - $209

All styles of bookshelves and display shelf units are included in this price.

Office Chair - $9.99

All styles of office chairs whether stationary or swivel are included here!

Futon & Sofa Bed - $39.99

Futon & Sofa Bed Assembly includes all styles and sizes

Coffee, Side & Sofa Table - $69

Coffee, Side or Sofa Tables assembled - one or for the matching set - the same price!