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Get a Gorgeous Bedroom

I know you've heard this before, but it's true.  We, humans, spend an average over a third of your lifetime in your bed.  That's insane to me!

So, is your bedroom worthy?  Do you have that magical place that helps you drift off to sleep and refresh and revive yourself to take on this new year ahead?

Shop our bedroom sale & get your retreat now, for less!

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Why Finally Home Furnishings?

You've got options!  So why choose us?  Besides glowing reviews, five star customer service and the lowest prices around, here's some other things you may want to consider!

Shop Local
We're local.  Our distributors?  They're local!  That means for every dollar you spend, roughly 65% gets injected back into our local community...twice over! Who knew you could shop for great furniture, save money, and be a do-gooder for your community?

We Stand Behind the Products
We offer products from the nations top manufacturers who are time tested for quality and lovability!  Our manufacturers offer warranty protection and we stand behind you, should any warranty claim ever arrive.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
We are a small (okay, tiny) business.  Our customers happiness is key to our success.  Did you know when someone is unhappy, they'll tell roughly 15 friends - yet when they are happy, they tell only 5!  Yikes!  Check out our Satisfaction/Return Policy Here!