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Furniture Financing 101

Welcome to class, kids! Don't worry, there's no pop quizzes here! Just a lot of info for you to figure out how you can get the furniture you want at the payment you need! It's easy to get the home design look you've been after, without destroying your budget! We have partnered with the leading industry finance companies to ensure the widest range of options for you and your specific needs. Whether those needs are No-Credit Check, 90 Day Special Financing, Super Low Monthly Payments, Bad Credit, Fixed Income...Your bases should be covered! Check out your options below to see which situation best fits your needs! Click on each Finance Image or the "Do I Qualify" link to Find Out All Details About Programs. Applying is easy, just find your finance fit and follow the directions to apply! 

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U-Own Finance


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Doesn't get much easier than this option! PayPal Credit is a great way to finance your furniture! Most customers are comfortable using PayPal Credit because they already have a relationship with them, and getting approved is easy (although we find there tends to be stricter approval guidelines). Nonetheless, their streamlined approval process is awesome!

  • Use like a Revolving Line of Credit (terms specified w/in special financing info)
  • 6 months same as cash
  • 19.99% Interest unless specified otherwise, also subject to change per PayPals Terms of Agreement
  • Instant Approval through PayPal and Comenity Capital Bank