Go ahead! Be a know-it-all! Below, we've compiled a list of some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers/knowledge blips for each of them! Get your knowledge on!



Where are you located?

  • Well, essentially, in the cloud, as we like to say! We are primarily an on-line retailer; although, we have a small showroom/warehouse, the majority of our items are located online. If we stocked all of our items in a showroom, we would need to be as big as AT&T stadium, and then we'd need to raise our prices...You wouldn't want that, would you? If you simply must see our location, you are welcome to schedule an appointment, and we'd be happy to meet you in person! Additionally, some finance orders will require a visit to your showroom, which we will schedule with you at that time.

How Does Shipping Work?

Finally Home offers Local delivery in Texas within a range of our Fort Worth Location. Orders over $998 will receive free delivery. Orders under $999 will have a flat $49 delivery fee. We will contact you within 24hrs of placing your order to confirm stock and go over delivery options. We strive to schedule/deliver all in stock items locally in 3-7 days.

Customers in CA, NY, NJ, & PA will have a $99 flat rate shipping option which will cover up to 3 items for in-home delivery. As we work with our new shipping partner to service these area, please understand that in some cases we may not be able to ship to you. If there is an issue with your location we will reach out right away with options or to void the transaction. When this method is selected (and no errors are present) the shipper will contact you within 48hrs with your delivery options. It is very important that you select a day that works best for you from the options provided. Rescheduling a delivery you have previously scheduled may result in additional delivery fees. Please contact us with any questions regarding this.

Currently the majority of our items can only be delivered to TX,CA,NY,NJ,PA. Standard and white glove delivery are available for most zip codes within these locations. We have recently upgraded our website and many of the assembly options are no longer showing for the products. If these options are still not showing, and you require assembly for your order, please call us.

We are excited to say that these shipping limitations will soon be a thing of the past. By September of 2022 we will have nationwide shipping available for all of our items

We are also in the process of adding 1000's of products that will ship nationwide for free. 

How do I contact you?

  • You may call us toll free @ 888-683-2555
  • You may text us @ 817-224-2204
  • You may log onto the website @ www.finallyhomefurnishings.com and chat with us when chat agents are available
  • You may email us @ customerservice@finallyhomefurnishings.com
  • You can reach us on social media @ the following: Twitter - @fhfdfw Facebook - @fhfdfw Instagram - @fhfdfw


I have to feel, touch, see in person the furniture I am purchasing...

We completely understand. This is why we offer a satisfaction guarantee to our customers. Please see additional information on our Guarantee's here.

Is this a scam?

  • Seems like it, right! We actually get this question so often we have considered raising our prices (not kidding)! No, we are not a scam. We are a legitimate business. We are partnered with third party business affiliates such as our website provider Volusion, our merchant processors, and financing companies. Each of these businesses utilizes very stringent vetting guidelines to assure retailers they work with our on the up-and-up! Good news...We passed! What if I don't like my furniture when it arrives? No problem...See our Return Policy here. What if the furniture falls apart on me? No problem....See our Warranty Policy here.

Why do I have to show my ID and/or other documents?

  • This is as a protection to you and us! Unfortunately, not everyone is as honest as you and I! We have a lot of people that attempt to commit fraud on these type of consumer goods transactions. This hurts the customer of the identity they use and us! We do our best to combat fraud and protect our customers. For this reason, you will be asked for your ID and sometimes other original identifying documents such as utility statements, bank statements, etcetera. It is up to customer service and delivery agents to deem whether documents are acceptable to the transaction. There are other times a particular finance company will require specific documents from our customers. The finance companies are a third-party service we have partnered with, and we cannot answer as to why these documents would be required or clear acceptance of such documents from you. You will need to contact specific finance company for questions on this. Finance company contact information can be obtained here.

Do you price match?

  • We do have a price match policy; however, we haven't needed to use it! We tend to be the lowest price in our area. We consistently review competitor pricing and advertising to ensure we stay the best possible value for our customers. Many times an advertised price will be lower than our actual product price; however, the merchant will charge, many times, exorbant delivery fees. All of these fees must be taken into consideration when price matching occurs. There may be the one-off chance where a merchant is selling an item for far lower than what we are offering the item for: Many times this is because it is a second or floor model. We do not sell seconds or floor models, unless otherwise noted, so we would not be able to price-match on an item such as this. You can review all price match policies here.

How do I know the furniture will fit?

  • Measure, measure, and measure again. Please measure the area in which you are purchasing the item for as well as the hallways/doorways/entryways in which the furniture will need to come through to gain access to such room. All of the dimensions of the furniture on our site is listed under each item. It is up to the customer to ensure these items will fit in desired location. A great way of doing this is to measure the area out, and actually place a tape outline in the proper dimension on the ground where you desire the item to go. This will give you a great idea as to how large or small an item will be for the area.

How do I order?

  • The easiest and most secure way to complete your purchase is through the online ordering system. Just add your selected items to your virtual shopping cart and proceed to checkout. Follow the prompts as needed. You can call customer service and place your order over the phone as well.

What payment types to you accept?

  • We accept all Credit/Debit Cards - Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover
  • We accept PayPal, PayPal Credit, Paylater, Shopify Shoppay
  • We accept Cash on Delivery - Some orders may require a down payment. Please contact customer service to discuss. Sorry, we cannot accept any types of checks, money orders, cashiers checks.
  • We accept financing through any of our financing partners - PayPal and Acima.